Dark side of Nithyanandha Exposed


On 03-03-2010 sun news released video footage of so called spiritual teacher Nithyanandha having sexual affair with one of the well known Tamil actress R****(Still a suspect!).I am not going to narrate what was happened.I am going the analyze it in a  insight manner.Most of them shocked after seeing the footage but i’m not.I had a gut feeling that he is a fraud and its only the matter of time that his dark side will be exposed.I never believed his words or his appearance. At the same time i said to myself  Appearance’s are deceptive” .Today some people revealed his hidden stuff and i convey my thanks to those who exposed the truth.

At the same time i request the people  not to disbelieve whole Hinduism.Hinduism has lot of theories,ideas,principles.This religion is based on questions and answers.Before you believe the ideas ask questions,I am sure you will get concrete results.For example,don’t say my father or mother or friends going to temple thats why i am going to temple!.You must know why you are going to temple,if you dont know ask answer for question from a concerned person.You only get to know the religion if you ask more and more questions.

Now back to Nithyanandha subject,there are some principles to be followed by a person who wants to be a saint.For example,Only a married person can be a saint.Though there some exceptions.First know the background of the persons who call them as spiritual  teachers.Don’t believe all spiritual leaders came from heaven.There are also born like you and me.In this religion,women are not allowed to be a saint(Think about Amirthanandhamayi).

There is a misconception about yoga among the people.Yoga is good for health and for mind to some extent.But yoga is not an ultimate solution to all materialistic problems that we face everyday and yoga teachers like Sri Sri Ravisankar,Amirtanandhamayi,Bangaru adigalar,Jaggi vasudhev etc.., are not super humans.The only solution to overcome our sorrows is to know the fundamental idea of Hinduism.The idea is

 "Know your God,the only way to know him is he only."
Source:Bhagavad Gita

Spirituality,yoga,astrology may look same in some ideas but fundamentally they are different.Later two do not help spirituality.  If know we know what is Hinduism,we can prevent culprits like Nithyanandha  misusing the principles of Hinduism.There are lot more to know on this topic. Because of time and space constraints,i stop here.I believe this article is an eye-opener for all.