Speedup Folder Browsing in XP

You may have noticed that every time you open my computer to browse folders that there is a slight delay.To fix this and to increase browsing significantly:

  • Open My Computer
  • Click on Tools menu
  • Click on Folder Options
  • Click on the View tab.
  • Uncheck the Automatically search for network folders and printers
  • check box
  • Click Apply
  • Click Ok
  • Reboot your computer

Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

Here are the some useful shortcut keys for windows.

Microsoft natural keyboard shortcuts

  • Windows Logo – Display or hide the Start menu
  • Windows Logo+BREAK – Display the System Properties dialog box
  • Windows Logo+D – Display the desktop
  • Windows Logo+M – Minimize all of the windows
  • Windows Logo+SHIFT+M – Restore the minimized windows
  • Windows Logo+E – Open My Computer
  • Windows Logo+F – Search for a file or a folder
  • CTRL+Windows Logo+F – Search for computers
  • Windows Logo+F1 – Display Windows Help
  • Windows Logo+ L – Lock the keyboard
  • Windows Logo+R – Open the Run dialog box
  • Windows Logo+U – Open Utility Manager

Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts

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Azhagi-A Software Of Its Kind


Azhagi is a software to type in Tamil language.It is free to download.It offers variety of features like  “Direct Tamil Input” in MS-office,gmail,wordpress,Adobe products,notepad,wordpad etc..,It as three input modes,

  • Phonetic,
  • Tamilnet99
  • Tamil’Typewriter – in either Tscii or Unicode.

It has dual screen transliteration in which you can type in English in one screen and corresponding Tamil text will be generated in another screen.Even you can name your files and folders in Tamil.It comes with three different Tamil fonts.You can also download and apply different fonts.

For more info visit


Access Linux Partitions in Windows

If you are running Linux and xp in a same machine,you face the problem of accessing Linux ext partitions in xp because by default xp wont support ext partitions.But you can access it with the help of an open source software called Ext2fsd.
You can get Ext2fsd from here:


  • It can’t access ext4 parititons
  • Won’t work in Windows 7

How to Delete autorun.inf virus from USB


if your computer infected with autorun virus, you will get an open with wizard when you double click on a drive. you can manually delete the autorun.inf file using following steps
Microsoft released patch to prevent Autorun Virus

First you Restart your computer to safe mode !

  • Open command prompt ( Go to Start >> RUN and type CMD)
  • Go to the drive. (“cd e:” – use your drive letter )
  • Go to the root directory (cd \ )
  • then change the attributes of the autorun file
  • attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf
  • -h = remove Hidden property
  • -r = remove Read only property
  • -s = remove System file property
  • Now you delete the file
  • del -h -r -s autorun.inf
  • Only open that drive after the restart.