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Server Vs Me

It was the first week in my office and got the opportunity to access our company server which is somewhere in USA.I was excited to use it because Centos installed in it.My assignment is to connect my pc with the server via ftp.I never connected ftp so it was a challenge to me.But i found it difficult to connect because i’m a newbie.I tried six precious hours but i failed to connect.After a long struggle i got a clue to connect via sftp.Finally i succeeded in transferring some files.It was a very good experience for me.The following are the steps to connect the server via sftp
SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol.It also called as SSH protocol.You can find a lot of information about in sftp in
Step 1:
open your terminal.use the command to connect it with the server
sudo sftp <username>@<IPaddress>
Enter the password whien it prompts.
Step 2:
To store the file in the server type the following command.
put [flags ] source-file destination-file
Step 3:
To quit the sftp
To know more about sftp commands visit