Install Debian Packages Offline

This is a simple trick to install .deb packages in any Debian based distributions.Even though you can install packages offline, but you need Internet to download packages.Download packages from your friend’s computer or any other browsing center.

  • Open Administration->Synaptic manager.


Download package via synaptic because, it will download all dependencies.It makes our work easier

  • Mark packages that you want to install,in this case download.
  • After marking all the packages.Open File->Generate script.This will generate script and save it.
  • Open Applications->Terminal.Go to the location where you saved the script.Execute the following command.
sudo sh script name
  • All packages will be downloaded.Copy all the packages in your thumb drive.
  • Plug the thumb drive into your system.Copy all the contents to your home folder.
  • Open Terminal,go to to the place where you pasted the packages and execute the following command.
sudo dpkg  --force-depends -i *.deb

–force-depends option will install packages  without checking dependencies

  • This will install all packages.That’s it.

Add Trash Can To Mint KDE CE Desktop

Linux MInt KDE

Open your favorite text editor and create a new text file.Populate the text file with the following code:

 [Desktop Entry]
   Comment=Contains removed files

Save this file as Trash.Desktop.That’s it.You should see Trash can in desktop.