Not My Cup Of Tea!

Corruption GovermentCorruption,corruption and more corruption!!!!……..Corruption becoming ever unfolding story in India.Corruption list-IPL,CWG,adharsh,2g spectrum,yeddyurappa land scam and more.Corruptions are at all levels of India from army,politicians, judges,bureaucrats,corporates to even individual.Law makers instead of addressing the loop holes of judicial system,they making use of loopholes for their benefits.Each scam ends only with resignation.Country never going to get the money back that lost in the scam.Over the years Indian politics become money for jam. Our nation has lost faith  in our politicians because they play fast and loose.Before freedom,British came as traders and robbed the nation.After freedom, people become politicians and robbing the nation.

In current system,any person who is a citizen of India can be a chief minister.But if  somone want to be  IAS officer,he need to pass different exams.To administer a small area like district,one need to study and pass exams.But to be chief minister,one must give bottle of liquor and saree.What  a ridiculous rule!!!.In other nations, sport persons competing in national level to qualify and  play in international level.But in India,sport persons competing with bureaucrats to qualify at the national level.

Enough is enough.Its need of the hour to eradicate corruption in our country.For that we need to change our judicial system.Make a law so that only qualified people can only be lawmakers.Law must educate the politicians about their roles.Make law stringent so that  people in power must afraid to misuse their power.With corruption at all levels,India’s vision to be a super power is light years behind!!