Useful Windows Shortcut Keys

Here are the some useful shortcut keys for windows.

Microsoft natural keyboard shortcuts

  • Windows Logo – Display or hide the Start menu
  • Windows Logo+BREAK – Display the System Properties dialog box
  • Windows Logo+D – Display the desktop
  • Windows Logo+M – Minimize all of the windows
  • Windows Logo+SHIFT+M – Restore the minimized windows
  • Windows Logo+E – Open My Computer
  • Windows Logo+F – Search for a file or a folder
  • CTRL+Windows Logo+F – Search for computers
  • Windows Logo+F1 – Display Windows Help
  • Windows Logo+ L – Lock the keyboard
  • Windows Logo+R – Open the Run dialog box
  • Windows Logo+U – Open Utility Manager

Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts

  • END – Display the bottom of the active window
  • HOME – Display the top of the active window
  • NUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*) – Display all of the subfolders that are under the selected folder
  • NUM LOCK+Plus sign (+)  – Display the contents of the selected folder
  • NUM LOCK+Minus sign (-)  – Collapse the selected folder
  • LEFT ARROW – Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folder
  • RIGHT ARROW – Display the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first sub folder

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