Why Zen cart?

Its good to be back in action after 2 months of break.This article is going to talk about Zen cart, one of the best eCommerce software available in the market.This is not a comparison between popular eCommerce softwares but solely talks about Zen cart.

Why Zen cart?What it offers for those who want to start a eCommerce store?

Answer is, it offers huge amount of features.No eCommerce software  in the world satisfies all the needs  of a store owner.Zen cart is really close to achieve it.Zen cart is a opensource, community driven software.So the software is free to download and use.Zen cart is targeted at those who are not technocrats in the sense that it can be used by people who don’t have programming experience.http://www.zen-cart.com

Pros of Zen  cart!

Its main features are unlimited category depth, multiple shipping,multiple payment options and greater control over store layout.Admin Section  look & feel  is as good as store.For an example the product management allows us to create products in just couple of clicks.

Zen cart got a very strong community support,so one can get in short time for there problems.Most of the problems that we encounter are no need to be posted,go and search the forum people would have already posted solutions. Its WIKI and FAQ are more than useful to start.There are hundreds of free templates available to use.Also we can change templates in just one click.

Cons of Zen cart!

The default checkout procedure of Zen cart is really frustrating.It asks date of birth password,etc..,which are quite irrelevant   during the purchase of products.

It’s default SEO also is not up-to the mark.It displays product ID in url which wont help in site indexing.

The worst thing in Zen cart is it overwrites the image,if the image already exists in images folder without throwing any warning message.

For all those problems mentioned above,modules can be installed to get rid of it.

The default look & feel of Zen cart template is not pleasing for buyers.However we can change the look &feel easily.

Insight View:

Zen cart is programmed in PHP with MySQL.Its also fork of osCommerce.Functionality wise it is better than osCommerce.No third party libraries is used in the code.Code hacking is very easy.Also Zen cart follows a template structure without using any third party template engines like smarty.

Zen cart developer’s guide



CSS web developers who don’t know programming no need to worry about editing the layout. Style sheet separated from functionality.So changes in style sheet wont affect functionality.

So the final word  is Zen cart is truly the art of eCommerce.