Add Trash Can To Mint KDE CE Desktop

Linux MInt KDE

Open your favorite text editor and create a new text file.Populate the text file with the following code:

 [Desktop Entry]
   Comment=Contains removed files

Save this file as Trash.Desktop.That’s it.You should see Trash can in desktop.


Azhagi-A Software Of Its Kind


Azhagi is a software to type in Tamil language.It is free to download.It offers variety of features like  “Direct Tamil Input” in MS-office,gmail,wordpress,Adobe products,notepad,wordpad etc..,It as three input modes,

  • Phonetic,
  • Tamilnet99
  • Tamil’Typewriter – in either Tscii or Unicode.

It has dual screen transliteration in which you can type in English in one screen and corresponding Tamil text will be generated in another screen.Even you can name your files and folders in Tamil.It comes with three different Tamil fonts.You can also download and apply different fonts.

For more info visit

People Who Changed Computing

reynold johnson

first hard disk

Certainly one of the biggest things ever to have happened to computing was the invention of the hard disk by Reynold johnson, back in 1956.Reynold’s interest in electromechanical devices started in1933.his first invention was a device for automatically grading multiple choice tests.

Johnson joined in IBM in the 1950s,specializing in electromechanical devices.IBM during the time wanted to develop a random access memory that could store and retrieve data in seconds.Johnson and is team devised the first working magnetic disk storage in late in1955.The device named RAMAC(Random Access Method of Accounting Control ) and weighted a ton,but it was capable of accessing file in less than a second.

The first commercial hard drive in 1956 produced by IBM called the RAMAC305 had fifty 24-inch magnetic disks rotating rpm.The disk could store 5MB,which at the time was high.

freewebhostingarea: Best Free web Host

freewebhostingarea is one of the best free web hosts that i have came across.It offers features like ftp,one click auto installer for moodle,joomla, word press,phpBB,drupal php5, MySQL, cpanel  and servers run on linux.Registration is free.It offers 500MB of webspace and based on the traffic level they increase the size of web space.Only limitation is they offer only sub domain for free users.Most important thing is one can have more than one account and they wont display their ads in our site.

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Access Linux Partitions in Windows

If you are running Linux and xp in a same machine,you face the problem of accessing Linux ext partitions in xp because by default xp wont support ext partitions.But you can access it with the help of an open source software called Ext2fsd.
You can get Ext2fsd from here:


  • It can’t access ext4 parititons
  • Won’t work in Windows 7