What is there in tamil???????

When i was studying my higher secondary education, one girl in my class who was influenced by western culture asked “what is there in tamil when compared to english?”

when i heard  here her words i was shocked and on that day i din’t have evidence to prove her words was wrong.Now i have few proof’s to show tamil is rich language.Here’s some of it

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Windows XP Calculator Goes Crazy

Open calculator and check the following arithmetic

2704/53=51.0188…………you ll get your desired result

2704/52 = ? see the result in the below image????

If you press enter one more time you get the answer as 1.

Try yourself…………I am ready to teach maths to microsoft.Can they hire me???????

An Example For Rewriting The History

East India Company or English East India Company is a trading company which established in 1600.It came to india to mainly trade cotton,silk,tea etc..,Later it took control of india and started to rule India in 1957 after the “Battle of plassey “.After a long fightback of our freedowm fighters the company was dissolved in 1858.

After a 150 years look what happened.History rewritten.Now an Indian  named Sanjiv Mehta is a 48-year-old Indian businessman who for the past six years has worked to restore the formerly British-owned East India Company. In 2004, Mehta proceeded to buy all the company’s shares, mostly owned by British businessmen. He has spent the last six years travelling and talking to museum curators and historians in an attempt to gain a proper understanding of the heritage of the company. Mehta efforts are somewhat surprising given that the 400-year-old company acted as a vehicle for the expansion of British imperial rule in his homeland.

How to Delete autorun.inf virus from USB


if your computer infected with autorun virus, you will get an open with wizard when you double click on a drive. you can manually delete the autorun.inf file using following steps
Microsoft released patch to prevent Autorun Virus

First you Restart your computer to safe mode !

  • Open command prompt ( Go to Start >> RUN and type CMD)
  • Go to the drive. (“cd e:” – use your drive letter )
  • Go to the root directory (cd \ )
  • then change the attributes of the autorun file
  • attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf
  • -h = remove Hidden property
  • -r = remove Read only property
  • -s = remove System file property
  • Now you delete the file
  • del -h -r -s autorun.inf
  • Only open that drive after the restart.